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Convinced that the world will be changed by visionaries, Dr. Roxie serves the healthcare industry through her commitment to maximizing the potential of every innovation brought to market.

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Doctor of Business. CEO. Professor. Author. Promoter of Cutting Edge Health Technologies. CoI Authority.

Dr. Roxie, DBA is one of healthcare’s preeminent scholars and thought leaders on commercialization of innovation (CoI). She helps healthcare innovators raise their CoI’Q to circumvent failure, accelerate customer adoption, and optimize market success. Dr. Roxie hosts the first-of-its-kind interactive video show where top health innovators, early adopters, and influencers speak candidly about their healthcare innovation experiences.

A lifetime scholar and practitioner of evolving healthcare business methodologies.

Dr. Roxie has spent her life studying innovation. She earned her Doctorate in Business Administration with a Marketing Specialization from Walden University, where her doctoral work centered on the commercialization of innovation in healthcare.

She earned her MS degree in Organizational Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University, and her BA degree in Organizational Communications from Rollins College. Dr. Roxie carried out additional post-graduate studies on Disruptive Strategy under Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School.

Dr. Roxie also is focused on training tomorrow’s business leaders and currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Consulting, and Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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Legacy DNA: Solving the Healthcare CoI Gap

While working with several prominent healthcare companies, Dr. Roxie identified a critical gap between the number of new products brought to market and the number that achieved market success. To help companies circumvent failure and increase ROI from their innovations, she founded Legacy DNA Marketing Group, a healthcare commercialization company dedicated to guiding leaders through the most critical stage of the innovation process: the commercialization of innovation (CoI).

Since then, Dr. Roxie has led Legacy DNA’s ongoing growth and has helped numerous leading healthtech, biotech, and specialty pharmacy leaders (and their innovations) circumvent market failure, reach commercial success, increase customer acceptance, and increase financial performance and ROI.

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